No matter what industry you’re in or what application you have in mind, our range of durable Polytarps should meet your requirements.

Tarps Uses and Benefits


Our quality tarps are available direct from our warehouse at wholesale prices for use in the following applications:

  • Farming – Don’t let your equipment rust, keep it well covered with our industrial strength products.
  • Specialized Hay Covers
  • Agricultural covers including Grain & Bunker Covers, Stockpile Covers, Fertilizer Covers as well; as Dam Liners.
  • Construction – Ensure your materials do not deteriorate by shielding them from wind and rain.  Our industrial-strength Polytarps are the perfect material for concrete curing and can be altered to suit your requirements.
  • Residential building applications including Roof Tarps, Builders Floor Sheets and General Purpose Protective Covers.
  • Home Renovations – Don’t waste time and money struggling with heavy hire tarps. Try our specially designed roofing tarps with underside tie-downs. Second Floor extensions become a much easier proposition with our Builders Floor Sheets and while all the mess is going on protect your carpet and furniture with some of our other products.
  • Boating and Caravans – Protect your prized assets during the off season.
  • Outdoor Events – Backyard not big enough for a full-fledged marquee? Try our Polytarps and make sure your event is not ruined by inclement weather.
  • Camping –Our Duratarp 4000 and Duratarp 5000 products are the No 1 choice for serious campers. Made to last, they are the preferred product for many camp sites. –we even have camping grounds referring customers to us!
  • Landscaping, road-making, and earthmoving applications
  • Sportsground Covers including specialised cricket pitch covers and Baseball Covers
  • Specialized Uses – We also design and manufacture custom covers for transport, shipping, and waste management industries. We are proud to supply a specialized range of shipping container liners to some of the major shipping companies in Australia. For further information on this specialist product range, please call 1300 656 211 or drop an email to today.


Our high-quality Polytarps are an affordable alternative to traditional canvas or PVC options and will save your business money.  Our products are made to suit Australian conditions, they are ideal for most applications.

  • High Quality – Manufactured to our specifications from virgin polyethylene fibre, our products Tarps and Covers are manufactured under a Third-Party Certified Quality Assured manufacturing system of ISO 9001-2008.
  • Cost Effective –our range of tarps for sale are more economical than most alternatives.
  • Light in weight – Our poly tarps are significantly lighter than PVC and canvas alternatives whilst maintaining a high degree of durability. No longer do you have to deal with the heavy cumbersome weight of a canvas or PVC, as our Polytarps are easy to manoeuvre and use and much lighter to lift.
  • UV Protected – Just as UV rays are harmful to our skin, they can also wreak havoc on both PVC and polyethylene tarps. Thankfully our product range comes with UV protection to ensure durability.
  • Reinforced Eyelets -We have solid brass reinforced eyelets and double stitching with our Dura-Tarp 4000 and 5000 product range for maximum strength and resistance.
  • Versatile – The combination of cost effectiveness, durability and lightweight construction makes our Polytarps the ideal choice for a variety of purposes.
  • Tie Down – Our unique Tie Down mechanism available with our Duratarp 5000 product range provides a reliable and strong method of securing your Roof Tarp – check out our website for further information.

For quality Polytarps, Roofing Tarps, Builders Floor Sheets, Hay Covers, Grain Covers, Stockpile Covers, Sports Covers and Container Liners, call 1300 656 211 or drop us an email – we will be happy to assist. In fact, if you need to cover anything contact ABC Tarps – Covering Australia – thank you for considering ABC Tarps.