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Camping Tarps for Sale

A camping tarp is one of the most versatile items around. They take up very little room when folded flat and have a great number of uses like putting a tarp over a tent for a camping rain shelter. We have a great range of camping tarp, perfect for use as groundsheets under the floor of the tent, awning over tent/campsite, or as tarp cover to cover camping supplies & equipment as well as a camping shelter. We stock one of the best camping quality tarps in Australia.

Camping Tarp Shelter Features

  • Heavy-duty 220 GMS or Extra heavy-duty 290 GSM
  • Virgin Polyethylene material
  • High-Density Weave Count
  • UV Stabilised material
  • High-Quality Double-Sided Coating
  • Rope reinforced edges and Solid Brass Eyelets
  • Washable Material
  • Mould Resistant
  • Water-Resistant

ABC TARPS has been providing Australian Campers with a range of Tarpaulins and Covers for camping for over 30 years. Our range of camping covers are as wide as the number of uses that they are used for – be it a slide to, Apex Shelter or a Ground Cover at ABC tarps we will have you covered.
ABC Tarps have the largest range of readymade Polyethylene covers in Australia. Our Covers are incredibly tough and robust, yet they are physically light enough to manage when putting into place. Our camping covers are made with a range of features including Rope reinforced edges and Solid Brass Eyelets. If a camping tarp shelter is not available in the size or specifications you require, we can arrange for special Made To Order Covers to be supplied. Given that the camping tarps are exposed to the tough climatic conditions of Australia it is our recommendation to use our Dura Tarp 5000 5000 Extra Heavy Duty product range, although the Dura Tarp 4000 4000 is perfectly OK for Ground Covers.

Our camping tarps are of great quality, superior strength, UV Stable, Solid brass Rustproof eyelets in extra reinforcement. Available in Heavy Duty tarps (Dura-Tarp™ 4000 – 220gsm Polytarp) or Extra Heavy Duty (Dura-Tarp™ 5000 – 290gsm Polytarp) to suit your budget and requirements.

ABC Tarps stock heavy-duty waterproof boat covers, caravan covers, custom covers, floor sheets, and more.

Dura-tarp 5000

Heavy Duty Tarps Dura-Tarp 4000 Sizes

2.5 x 35.5 x 77 x 119 x 1512 x 12
3 x 65.5 x 117.5 x 99 x 1812 x 15
3.5 x 46 x 67.5 x 129 x 2712 x 18
3.5 x 156 x 97.5 x 1510 x 1212 x 21
3.6 x 16.46 x 127.5 x 22.510 x 12.815 x 15
3.6 x 276 x 16.48.3 x 910 x 16.415 x 18
4 x 66 x 22.59 x 910 x 22.515 x 21
4.5 x 96 x 309 x 1210 x 3015 x 30

*With additional webbing loop handles every metre

Custom sizes can be made to order.

Extra Heavy Duty Dura-Tarp 5000 Sizes

2.5 x 33.5 x 7.56 x 67.5 x 910 x 12
2.5 x 54.5 x 96 x 97.5 x 15*12 x 12*
3 x 3.55 x 66 x 129 x 9*12 x 15*
3.5 x 55.5 x 77 x 11*9 x 12*12 x 21
3.5 x 65.5 x 117.5 x 7.59 x 15*

* Also available with underside tie-down option

Custom sizes can be made to order.