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Waterproof Roof Tarp, Roof Covering or Roof Sheet Cover

Looking for a waterproof roof tarp or Roof Covering or Roof Sheet Cover?

ABC TARPS have had a long association with the Building and Construction industry supplying durable and quality Polyethylene Roof Tarps throughout Australia for well over 30 years.

ABC Tarps represent an affordable alternative to traditional canvas or PVC tarps. Our 5000 Extra Heavy Duty Roof Tarps are a premium product and have gained increasing popularity due to their excellent performance and OH&S benefits when used as a roof covering. These roof heavy-duty tarpaulins are much lighter and easier to handle than traditional PVC and Canvas tarps. In addition, we have a unique difference to others in the market with our Tie Down Tarps, the tie-down Roof-Tarp provides security and peace of mind with loops positioned on the underside of the roof sheet cover tarp to tie down on the roof framework. Roof Sheet covers and roof coverings are favoured by the builders in the construction industry but can be used in any industry. We stock great quality, poly tarps, perfect for covering roofs. Our roof tarps and roof sheet covers are much lighter, waterproof, heavy-duty and easier to maneuver than canvas and PVC.

Depending on your budget and size requirements, you can choose between two options:

Extra Heavy Duty Polytarps – Dura-Tarp™ 5000 – 290 GSM

Roof Covering favoured by professional builders for its durability and strength.

Heavy Duty Polytarps – Dura-Tarp™ 4000 – 220 GSM

Our most economical roof covering option, and a huge size range.

We also stock boat covers, camping tarp shelter, container liners, floor sheets and more.

Features of Roof Covering

  • Heavy Duty & Extra Heavy Duty polyethylene
  • High quality double sided Coating
  • Cost effective option
  • Welded seams, rope reinforced edges
  • UV stabilised
  • Waterproof Tarp
  • Huge range of sizes up to 30x50m (Dura-Tarp 4000™ only)
  • Reinforced solid brass eyelets every metre
  • Some sizes available with webbing loop handles for easier handling & tie down
  • Underside tie-downs available on some sizes (Dura-Tarp 5000™ only)
  • Roof Covering

Dura-tarp 5000

Extra Heavy Duty Dura-Tarp 5000 Sizes

2.5 X 3.05.5 X 7.07.5 X 15.0
2.5 X 5.05.5 X 11.09.0 X 9.0
3.0 X 3.56.0 X 6.09.0 X 12.0
3.5 X 5.06.0 X 9.09.0 X 15.0
3.5 X 6.06.0 X 12.010.0 X 12.0
3.5 X 7.57.0 X 11.012.0 X 12.0
4.5 X 9.07.5 X 7.512.0 X 15.0
5.0 X 6.07.5 X 9.012.0 X 21.0

*With additional webbing loop handles every metre (Sizes in metres).

Extra Heavy Duty Dura-Tarp 5000 with Tie Downs Sizes

7.0 X 11.09.0 X 15.0
9.0 X 9.012.0 X 12.0
9.0 X 12.012.0 X 15.0

* Also available with underside tie-down option

Custom sizes can be made to order.

ABC Tarps also supplies a range of camping tarps, cricket covers, hay tarps and builders sheets(Sizes in metres).