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Overview Builders Tarps / Floor Sheets

Need a tough builders tarp or floor sheets to do the job but want to avoid the excessive weight and price of a PVC tarp?

We aim to save builders time and money with our extra heavy-duty, high-quality polyethylene tarps in the Dura-Tarp 5000 Builder’s Floor Sheet.

Our Builder’s Floor Sheet forms a waterproof membrane between the ground floor and new second storey addition. Place the floor sheet on your new flooring and build wall frames on top.

Dura-Tarp 5000 Builder’s Floor Sheets are available in pre-cut sizes and have been customised to suit flooring requirements, such as increased scuff resistance.
Once you use these floor sheets, you’ll come back for more!

ABC Tarps is a leading provider for all your tarp needs such as waterproof roof tarps, camping tarps, boating covers, caravan covers, hay covers and cricket ground covers. We have the best construction tarps for sale.
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  • Extra Heavy Duty 290 GSM
  • Virgin Polyethylene
  • Straight Cut – No hems or eyelets
  • Solid Blue
  • High Density Weave Count
  • UV Stabilised
  • High Quality Double Sided Coating
  • Increased Scuff Resistance
  • Australia’s Largest In-Stock Range
  • Can be customised to suit requirements

Extra Heavy Duty Dura-Tarp 5000 Sizes

7.0m x 11.0m12.0m x 12.0m
7.5m x 15.0m12.0m x 15.0m
9.0m x 12.0m12.0m x 18.0m
9.0m x 15.0m12.0m x 21.0m
9.0m x 18.0m15.0m x 15.0m
10.0m x 12.0m15.0m x 18.0m
10.0m x 14.0m15.0m x 20.0m
15.0m x 25.0m

Custom sizes can be made to order (all sizes in metres).

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