ABC Tarps Customer: Builder – NSW Builder, Dee Why, NSW 2099


Growing family in Davidson NSW 2085, required an extension with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms to a first floor addition to add room for a growing family and to allow for open plan living to the ground floor.NSW Builder was contracted to enable them achieve their dream home. This project was estimated to be completed in 20 to 22 weeks.Builder contracted ABC Tarps for the supply of tarps for this project.An 18×18 builders sheet was used to cover the first floor addition floor allowing builder to keep the house free from leaks and weather while the addition was built on top of the tarp.

Builder’s Feedback (Ian Pinder at NSW Builder)

  • The floor sheet was great.
  • Tough and durable to build on top of with little worry about creating holes.
  • Tarps were neatly packaged and delivered promptly.
  • Service was excellent
  • All round great experience.

ABC Tarps Customer: Builder – Vic Builder


A classic “pop-top” second storey extension to a classic post second world war orange cream brick home, adding a master bedroom, two additional bedrooms each with an en-suite and a retreat. The use of tarpaulins, from the initial demolition of the existing roof structure until the new roofing and drainage system to the upper storey was installed, was essential. The tarp was required to protect the existing ground floor area of the premises from water ingress. As with many of our extensions our clients continue to live in the home while the works are undertaken.
Once the upper floor base was installed a ground floor sheet was also applied to add an additional level of protection in case the main tarp failed. The roof tarp was supplied by ABC Tarps and was a Dura-Tarp 5000 Builders Roof Tarp. The floor tarp was a Dura-Tarp 4000 Builders Tarp. The tarps were required for approximately eight weeks.The roof tarp was tied to eye bolts into the brickwork of the house as there was limited space alongside the house.

Builder’s Feedback

Vic Builder have worked with ABC Tarps for many years and we are impressed with the level of service and quality of the product. We can get several uses out of each tarp.