Hire VS Buy

Cheaper to Buy than Hire?

Hiring a tarp for short term use sounds OK until the job runs over time and you are up for re-hiring costs. Add to this the stress and strain of lifting this incredibly heavy PVC or Canvas hire tarps, the limited size range available and your liability for repair costs if damaged, it is easy to see the benefits of buying over hiring!

Our Polytarp range is economically priced to make it a viable alternative to hiring. You will be surprised at the value for money of the ABC Polytarp alternative.

  • Yours to own for the entire job
  • Re-use when needed
  • Re-sell if not required
  • Lighter to lift and install
  • Available in wider size range than hire tarps
  • Cost-effective solution

Do the sums to appreciate the quality and value of our tarps.

Quality Tarps for Sale

No matter what purpose you have in mind, we have a product to suit your requirements. Whether you need multiple covers for farming, outdoor events, construction or home renovations, or a single tarp for camping or other specialised use, we have several durable Polytarps for sale at affordable prices.

Choose from the large range today:

For quality Polytarps, Roofing Tarps, Builders Floor Sheets, Hay Covers, Grain Covers, Stockpile Covers, Sports Covers and Container Liners, call 1300 656 211 or drop us an email – info@abctarps.com.au we will be happy to assist. In fact, if you need to cover anything contact ABC Tarps – Covering Australia – thank you for considering ABC Tarps.