Builders Floor Sheets –  A Flexible and Critical Product to protect

Builders-Floor-SheetABC Tarps is Australia’s premier supplier of Builders Floor Sheets or BFS – these sheets have been designed specifically for Builders who are looking to protect the ground floor on a single-story addition. Having said that the Builders Floor Sheets can and are frequently used as Stockpile Covers for Industrial purposes, to cover up a whole range of things.

The Builders Floor Sheet or builders tarp is made up of our Extra Heavy Duty 290 GSM Polyethylene Sheet and is supplied with straight cut edges, there are no eyelets or reinforced edges as per our standard tarps. Builders Floor Sheet when being applied/installed they need to be secured down by means other than ropes, in the circumstance of builders they will apply the Builders Floor Sheet over the Yellow Tongue lay the Builders Floor Sheet flat over the top, and then build the framework on top of the sheet. It is recommended when using Builders Floor Sheet on an extension that the sheet extends beyond the edge of the floor plan, we recommend the Builders Floor Sheet to have an overhand of approximately 1 meter on all sides, this will assist with the water ran off.

The Builders Floor Sheet or floor sheets offer great Ultraviolet protection, a Waterproof and Moisture Proof membrane, and the strength of the Builders Floor Sheet provides incredible protection from tearing and abrasions.Builders-Floor-Sheet

With the onset of winter and heavy rains, it is a timely reminder to look at jobs coming up to see if a Builders Floor Sheet should be added to the “Must Buy” list. At ABC Tarps we offer a substantial range of Builders Floor Sheet sizes, however, in the circumstance where the floor plan or stockpile does not cater for the range we can simply weld or adjust existing products to suit.

In the circumstance of wishing to have 30 x 15-meter Builders Floor Sheet or construction tarps, we can simply weld together two 15 x 15-meter sheets to supply the sheet as required by the customer. In the circumstance of where an “L” shaped Builders Floor Sheet being required we can also weld sheets together to provide Made To Order Builders Floor Sheet – contact ABC Tarps for more information


Extra Heavy Duty Dura-Tarp Builders Floor Sheet Sizes

7.0m x 11.0m  12.0m x 12.0m

7.5m x 15.0m  12.0m x 15.0m

9.0m x 12.0m  12.0m x 18.0m

9.0m x 15.0m  12.0m x 21.0m

9.0m x 18.0m  15.0m x 15.0m

10.0m x 12.0m  15.0m x 18.0m

10.0m x 14.0m  15.0m x 20.0m

   15.0m x 25.0m 

Custom sizes can be made to order (all sizes in meters).

One thing that does need to be taken into consideration when looking to purchase any Builders Floor Sheet or Tarps is the weight and the Occupational Safety issues that can hand in hand when dealing with heavy things. The easiest way to calculate the weight of any Builders Floor Sheet or Tarp is to multiply the dimensions and the GSM – this will give you a net weight of the product (excluding any drag handles and eyelets). So in the circumstance of the above noted 30 x 15-meter Builders Floor Sheet the wight will be – Length x Width x weight – 30-meter x 15-meter x 0.29 GSM = 130.5 Kilograms
This is something that you need to keep in mind to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your team.

For additional information or assistance at any stage with your Builders Tarp, Floor Sheets & Construction Tarps, or any Tarpaulin requirements please contact ABC Tarps – 1300 656 211 or via email Thank you for considering ABC Tarps.