Tarps unfortunately can incur damage either through human error, age, or vandalism, whilst this is unfortunate in many circumstances Tarps cab be repaired. Below is a brief overview of how to fix a tear in a tarp the relative success of the repair may vary but it is a good starting point, before buying a replacement Tarp.

repair a damaged tarp

Repairing a Torn / Damaged Tarp

  • Clean the damaged area requiring the repair and ensure that it is dry prior to commencing the repair, soap and water can be used.
  • Wipe down the damaged areas with a spirit based cleaner – Methylated Spirits or use a Wax and Grease Remover – please ensure that you check the compatibility of the spirit based cleaner to ensure that it does not affect the integrity of the Tarp.
  • Once the spirit-based cleaner has dried/evaporated ensure that the tarp is laid out flat.
  • Utilising the Tarp Repair Tape cut and apply pieces of the tape applying it across the torn/damaged area. When applying the Repair Tape ensure that the Tape is applied approximately 70 mm either side of the damaged area and that the Tape has a cross over on the previous strip of approximately 15mm, continue for the length of the repair and beyond.
  • Once the repair has been completed crossing over the damaged are you must apply strips of the Tarp Repair Tape running the length of the damaged area.
  • The tape should start on the outside of the Tarp Repair Tape previously applied (where necessary a minimum 15mm cross over of the tape must be done in the circumstance of multiple strips being used).
  • Repeat the process above until the damaged area is completely covered.
  • Once the First side has been applied turn the Tarp over and repeat the process for the underside of the Tarp.

For additional information or assistance at any stage with a Tarpaulin please contact ABC Tarps – 1300 656 211 or via email info@abctarps.com.au – thank you for considering ABC Tarps.