Evergreen Turf Cover


 Colour  Small  Medium  Large
 Silver  3.0 x 24.3m  20.5 x 40.0m  20.5 x 70.0m
 White  6.0 x 15.0m  6.0 x 40.0m  20.5 x 24.0m


 Colour  Warranty
 Silver  12 Year
 White  7 Year



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ABC Tarps are very pleased to be an official distributor of the world-renowned Evergreen Growth Matt – the permeable material that allows air, water and light to penetrate the matt – these characteristics will warm the soil promoting germination and growth. The Evergreen Growth Matt is a uniquely woven, translucent polyethylene sheet with a patented lace coating. The sheets come in a range of sizes are UV treated and are rot and mildew resistant.

Evergreen turf covers have been developed as an essential management tool for turf managers worldwide. It will protect established turf areas and accelerate turf growth for new constructions. It can be used repeatedly and will last for many years.

What is evergreen turf made of?

The permeable material is uniquely woven, translucent polyethylene with a patented lace coating. Evergreen growth matt is UV treated, rot and mildew resistant. It will not show any significant wear or degradation by sunlight even after years of regular use.

Trail and evaluation

Andrew peart from AGCSA tech recently trialled the evergreen turf cover at Croydon golf club, Victoria, here is what he had to say:

“The evergreen turf cover can significantly improve establishment rates and plant vigour of bentgrass on the newly sown green, as well as promote higher levels of moisture retention in the rootzone”

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  • Evergreen is permeable allowing air, water and light penetration which make it ideal for new seeding and oversowing.
  • Provides greenhouse effect which will warm the soil, resulting in earlier root growth.
  • Accelerates turf growth providing rapid germination
  • Evergreen protects seeds from high winds, heavy rainfall, birds and other animals.
  • It’s environmentally friendly, utilising less water and chemicals.
  • Evergreen can be cut or trimmed without fraying or damage.
  • Lightweight one piece construction
  • Does not smother or flatten the turf suface
  • Easy to handle, install and remove
  • Designed exclusively for the turf industry
  • Made for Australian conditions